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Innovative IPTV/VoD/OTT based Interactive TV platform

We provide ready-made solution: TV service lauching for both operators and media-companies, unitied under your own brand name.

Our advantages

White Label

We release our own set of applications for all popular platform united under your brand.

All platform updates appear according to your branding.


Multi-bitrate transcoder utilizing the power of GPU Nvidia is our know-how. It provides the best quality of video signal coding and encoding, relatively low load to the equipment.

Delivery protocol

Our UDP based protocol in comparison with HLS guarantees good initial signal transmitting even through overloaded networks.

Archive catalogue

14 day archives are created for all channels where rights exist.

Archive navigation is made as VoD genre and rating catalogue. We collect all series for every TV production, programme and show.

Additional services

Platform flexibility gives an opportunity to integrate some additional services like CCTV. Subscribers can receive images from cameras around their houses, all area or a town.

Continuous development

We constantly upgrading the platform and apps interfaces.

Our partners always have the very up-to-date interactive TV solutions at hand.


Our apps are available for all popular platforms that ensure remarkably coverage of the audience and help to gain the popularity of the service.

We take great care of user friendly interface and its flexibility that give unique user’s experience and high level of satisfaction of end users.

Personal profiles and parental control make recommendations, viewing history and selected items personal , allowing to safeguard underage against explicit content.

"24hoursTV" service: brief review

"24hoursTV" service: brief review

That's how it works

Our clients

I-Cloud Interactive TV-service "24hoursTV" is based on "Platform24" solution. "24hoursTV" service is a part of general business groupings that have more than a hundred agency agreements for operators’ services.

November, 2017 the first client of the platform (AB "Ufanet") started using it. There are "GOC Zelenaya Tochka", "Seven Sky" in our client portfolio.


Our simple idea is this- monthly payments affected for contract subscribers. There is not any installation or support payments. Our clients have constantly developing and updated product for their subscribers.

No further investments and without taking any risk.

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